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Latest Podcast Episodes

Fast and Easy eCommerce Split Testing with PickFu

Justin Chen - the asian seller

On this episode, Justin Chen, Co-Founder of PickFu gives a rundown of their popular crowdsourcing split-testing app.  PickFu is a simple and fast way to receive consumer feedback. To set …

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Coronavirus: Ecommerce Entrepreneur Talks About Life in Quarantine

Cameron Walker - The Asian Seller

Cameron Walker is an eCommerce entrepreneur living and working in China for over 15 years. He is based in Shenzhen.  A week before Chinese New Year in January, together with …

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The Real Costs of Running an Amazon FBA Business

margaret jolly - the asian seller

More often than not, new sellers are oblivious to all the costs of running an Amazon FBA or eCommerce business. They launch new products without doing proper research or validation, …

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Mental Frameworks Ecommerce Sellers Need to Succeed

stephen somers - the asian seller

Many home-based Amazon and ecommerce sellers working as one-person companies often feel isolated, and need to deal with failures, criticism and self-doubt.  We experience many ups and downs on a …

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Amazon Product Selection & Validation Strategies

chris thomas - the asian seller

Whether you are a new Amazon seller or an experienced one, finding new products to sell is probably one of the most challenging aspects of running an ecommerce business. In …

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Amazon Product Photography – Essential Strategies to Increase Conversions

keith o brian - the asian seller

In this episode, Keith O’Brien, CEO of Page.One, a full service Amazon agency shares strategies to increase conversions by enhancing images.  According to Keith, people buy online based on emotion, …

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From Abusive Marriage to 6-Figure Seller, Mentor & Author

anna davidson - the asian seller

Anna Davidson, an Amazon mentor and coach from London opens up to share her story of how she found the courage to get out of an abusive relationship. Anna also …

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Outsourcing for Amazon Sellers: Best Practices & Mistakes

Kamaljith Singh - the asian seller

In this episode, we talk about hiring and working with freelancers and agencies. My guest is Kamaljit Singh from AMZ One Step, who shares outsourcing best practices and the mistakes …

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