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The Asian Seller - Amazon PPC Workshop

Learn how to advertise on Amazon


and grow your sales!

With Amazon’s transformation into a highly competitive, pay-to-play platform, PPC needs to become a key component of your winning strategy.

At The Asian Seller's Amazon PPC Workshop, you can gain a solid understanding of the basics of how to hypertarget your prospective buyers on Amazon with advertising!

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Demystifying PPC

PPC is one of the hardest pieces of managing your Amazon business. Once you understand the basics, the sky's the limit for you.

In this  Amazon PPC Workshop, you will learn strategies to create and improve your advertising campaigns that will bring you more exposure, more sales and better ranking on Amazon.


The workshop will consist of discussions and strategies that you can use for running your PPC campaigns effectively.


You will learn about each of the ad types available for reaching prospective shoppers wherever they are in their shopping journey, and do a deep dive into Sponsored Products Ads creation.

Whether you are only just starting out or have been running PPC for a while but want to solidify your understanding of the basics, this hands-on workshop is for you!

Amazon PPC Workshop

Meet your trainer

Hi, I’m Ritu Java, CEO of PPC Ninja, a north American company that offers PPC Management Software, PPC Management Services and PPC Education to Amazon sellers and agencies. 

Most people know me from the Amazon PPC world, but I actually started my eCommerce journey 10 years ago with an Etsy store selling jewelry that I designed and manufactured in Japan. I consider myself an accidental nomad having now lived and worked in 4 countries including India, Japan, US and Canada.

I have trained hundreds of sellers on Amazon PPC through live mastermind programs or one-on-one coaching and handled millions of dollars in advertising dollars for our clients. PPC is my passion and my goal is to impart the same excitement for it to all of you!

I have spoken at various international stages around the world. Most recently, I delivered two talks about the latest PPC strategies to about 1,000 Amazon sellers at the Prosper Show in Las Vegas.
PPC Workshop- The Asian Seller

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is ideal for new or new-ish Amazon sellers who want to learn how to advertise on Amazon, and anyone who wants to go back to the fundamentals of PPC.

If you are looking for proven ways to launch new products with the help of advertising, this workshop is for you.

With this workshop, you have the opportunity to ask questions specific to YOUR unique advertising needs.

The Asian Seller - PPC Workshop launch

Hear from Ritu how the Amazon PPC Workshop can help you…


PART 1: Ad Types, Campaign Creation

Day 1 starts with the basics - we do a deep dive into the various ad types, when to use which one and the pros & cons of each.

We will then do a deep dive into Campaign Structure. This is the part that most newbies find extremely confusing and overwhelming.

Ritu will simplify this, and show you her proven step-by-step process of setting up a manual campaign, how to determine bids & budgets, and how to decide whether to target broad match, phrase match or exact match.

Deep dive into Amazon ad types

  • In-depth look at the ad types available to you depending on whether or not you are brand registered.
    • Sponsored Products
    • Sponsored Brands
    • Sponsored Display
  • Video in Search - Understand why this is currently the most effective ad type on Amazon.

The nuts and bolts of PPC campaigns

  • Efficient campaign structures - Learn an efficient way of designing your campaigns
  • Deep dive into match types - Broad, phrase, exact match
  • Bids and budgets - How much to bid and how to budget
  • Setting up a manual campaign - Ritu's blueprint of the ideal campaign 

At the end of day 1 you will be given some homework for creating campaigns.

You will also be given the replay of Day 1's session, so you can go over it again, start implementing what you've learnt immediately.

PART 2: PPC Management, Troubleshooting and Diversification

Day 2 is when we start getting into the specifics of Campaign Management, and more advanced ways of targeting.

Ongoing campaign management

  • Fundamentals of Bid Management
  • Key performance indicators for PPC
  • Troubleshooting the Funnel 
  • Negative keywords

Ad type diversification

    • Automatic campaigns
    • Product Targeting Ads
    • Category Targeting Ads

Bonus Topics & Material

  • Navigating Seller Central Campaign Manager to find out where you can access campaigns, portfolios, reports, and live data.
  • Access to a comprehensive PPC Management System (PDF) with timeline recommendations.
  • Understanding indexation and ranking with PPC.
The Asian Seller

If like most new Amazon sellers, you find PPC overwhelming and confusing, this workshop is for you.

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

✔️ Reduce your ACOS by using proven PPC strategies

✔️ Spend your ad dollars wisely and cut wasteful campaigns

✔️ Grow sales by ensuring your ad is seen by the right customers

✔️ Have a good understanding of the different types of Amazon ads, and when to use which

✔️ Leverage video ads - one of the most effective ad types currently

✔️ Design your campaigns effectively so they're easy to manage

✔️ Make informed decisions on how much to bid on which keywords

✔️ Choose the right keywords for your campaigns

✔️ Manage your campaigns on an ongoing basis

✔️ Monitor KPIs that matter

✔️ Optimize your campaigns to maximize your ad spend

✔️ Focus on other aspects of your business instead of spending frustrating hours over PPC

✔️ Become a PPC Ninja!

The Asian Seller - PPC Workshop

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