Why “Data is King” for Amazon Sellers

On this episode of The Asian Seller podcast, we welcome Karthick and Kamalavel from KwickMetrics to talk about the importance of analysing and tracking data for Amazon sellers.

An Amazon business strategy without data analytics is like shooting in the dark. Assumptions and preferences can easily bias sellers and result in wrong decisions. We also briefly talk about some of the important data points Amazon sellers should focus on.

kwickmetric- the asian seller

Kamalavel and Karthic are speakers at the upcoming Ecom India Summit to be held in Delhi in October.

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Episode highlights: 

• Introductions
• Ways that Amazon sellers can use data to increase sales and improve profitability
• Tips on managing inventory
• Advice for sellers as they prepare for Q4 sales
• About KwickMetrics and how it it different from other tools available for Amazon sellers?
• Who is it for & pricing

Kamalavel is a successful entrepreneur with 12+ years of expertise in solving business problems using technology. He has hands-on experience in providing strategic solutions for business platforms that handle customers online. He is the founder of KwickMetrics, a business analytics and intelligence tool for Amazon sellers.

Karthick is Product Manager of KwickMetrics, and a receptive team lead with 6+ years of experience in interacting with entrepreneurs and stakeholders. Equipping them with proper strategical solutions for their business problems, he always finds way towards ensuring data driven decision making for business processes. His keen interest always drives towards bringing software as a solution for day-to-day business and sales handling problems.

KwickMetrics is a business Intelligence and analytics tool that offers powerful and innovative solutions for Amazon sellers. Their user-friendly business dashboard and profit calculator enables retailers, manufacturers, and private-label sellers to automatically generate reports from their sales data. With KwickMetrics, sellers can explore sales forecasting, multiple seller account access, reimbursement reports, and inventory management, and more.

Learn more: www.kwickmetrics.com

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