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Meghla & Payman chat on Leaders with a Heart Podcast

Meghla- Payman- The asian seller

The Asian Seller Founder, Meghla Bhardwaj was interviewed by Payman Lorenzo. Meghla shared a bit about her journey from who she is and her transition from being a journalist to …

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How to Identify & Overcome Procrastination

Cameron Allen - the asian seller

This week’s The Asian Seller podcast is about procrastination and mindset.  Do you put things off and keep yourself busy with meaningless tasks? Do you find it hard to commit …

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Amazon Posts – What, Why, How & Best Practices for 2021

Jelena Nuhanovic- The Asian Seller

On this week’s The Asian Seller podcast, we talk to Jelena Nuhanovic, founder of AmazoniaPPC about everything you need to know about Amazon Posts.  Jelena shares the basics of Posts, …

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Go on a Virtual Tour of Your China Factory

Habib rkha- the asian seller

On this week’s The Asian Seller podcast, Habib Rkha Founder and Managing Director of QCADVISOR talks about his company’s unique new service of virtual factory tours in China. Habib shareds …

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Selling on Amazon

Meghla-Margaret-The Asian Seller

On this week’s The Asian Seller podcast, Margaret Jolly and Meghla Bhardwaj share notes about the ups and downs of being an Amazon seller.  It’s not always a smooth ride, …

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Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs; Sneak Peek at Branded By Women

branded by women-the asian seller

On this week’s The Asian Seller podcast, we talk to a few inspiring women entrepreneurs from the Amazon and ecommerce world.  They share what drives them, what inspires them, the …

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Brunei-Based Farah Zaidi, Spark Ecom Scholarship Winner Strives to Build an Ecom Empire

Farah Zaidi-The Asian Seller- Podcast

When she was in school, she painted stones and drew cartoons to sell to her classmates. She sold keychains from her father’s store and her pre-loved toys.  It was evident …

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Unplug from “Donkey Work”; Build an Amazon FBA Dream Team

Nate Ginsberg- the asian seller

On this week’s The Asian Seller podcast, Nate Ginsberg from Seller Plex and Dream Team Machine shares a blueprint for an Amazon FBA dream team.  Nate stresses that entrepreneurs should …

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