Ask Me Anything Virtual Meetup – 50th Podcast Episode!

This is the 50th episode of The Asian Seller podcast! Wow - it’s been quite a journey and I’ve learned so much myself and been inspired by many of the guests.

I started this podcast and The Asian Seller community to bring Amazon and eCommerce sellers together, so we can share information, resources, and help each other grow.

virtual Meetup-the asian seller

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Here’s to the next 50 episodes!

Episode highlights: 

  • Introductions 
  • Preparing for Prime Day 
  • Managing logistics when selling on multiple marketplaces 
  • Top marketplaces to start selling on 
  • Managing hijackers in Mexico and Canada Amazon marketplaces 
  • Documents needed for toys and other similar categories 
  • Setting up a company to sell on Amazon India 
  • Is insurance required when selling on Amazon 
  • When to convert from an individual account to a company account on Amazon 
  • How to launch products on Amazon 
  • Videos on listings 
  • How many units to launch with
  • Do we need to use an accounting service or software 
  • How to source products in India for Amazon India 
  • Should you source from IndiaMart 
  • Will Q4 be chaotic?
  • Challenges with FBM 
  • 3PL options 
  • Last day to send shipments to Amazon.com for Christmas deliveries 
  • We need a mastermind group for The Asian Seller! 
  • Jason’s training - highlight recommended
  • Quick advice from all speakers 

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