Chinese New Year 2021: Why You Need to Start Planning Now

In this episode of The Asian Seller podcast, Francois Jaffres, Director of Business Development at Noviland Technologies, Inc. talks about how Chinese New Year (CNY) holidays impact supply chains in China.

For those who may not be familiar with CNY, this is a month-long holiday in China that usually falls in January or February. All factories and businesses are closed as millions of workers travel back to their hometowns to be with their families. 

Francois Noviland - the asian seller

CNY falls on Feb 12 in 2021, and according to Francois, the time to start planning your Q1 inventory is now.

Episode highlights: 

  • Introduction - Francois’s background and experience with sourcing 
  • Is manufacturing back to normal in China now
  • About CNY, and how the supply chain is impacted before and during CNY holidays 
  • How delivery lead times are affected
  • Impact in product quality 
  • Production issues before, during and after CNY holidays: worker turnover, delivery lead times, quality 
  • How logistics is affected 
  • When should importers start planning for CNY holidays, and what are some steps to take to avoid supply chain disruption and impact on the quality

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