China Lawyer Shares How to Source Safely

In this podcast episode, Sophie Mao. Managing Partner of Chibridge Law Firm and blogger at China Law Help shares advice on how to source safely and smartly from China. 

Sophie has been practicing law since passing her Chinese Bar Exam in 1997. General corporate matters have been her major practice area, having not only advised many enterprises, financial and medical institutions, but also local governments in China.

 She has gradually shifted her focus to foreign direct investment and worked as counsel for numerous foreign enterprises and advises their daily operation in China.

Her areas of practice include foreign direct investment under Chinese law, contract law, IPR, labor law and litigation.

Her law firm can help do due diligence on sourcing agents or suppliers.  

Sophie Mao - The Asian Seller

Tips shared by Sophie: 

  1. Confirm the identity of the person you’re dealing with. In case you are cheated, you cannot file a police complaint or litigate if you cannot prove the identity of the person  
  2. Trust but verify any information the agent or supplier gives you 
  3. Check the company information against government databases (in Chinese). The information you can check includes: company name, domicile, registered capital, business scope, name of the legal representative, business scope etc.
  4. Supplier's English company names should not be used in contracts as the government registration is done using their Chinese company names 
  5. Register your trademark in China to prevent suppliers producing counterfeits of your product

Episode highlights: 

  1. Sophie’s background
  2. How to vet sourcing agents when sourcing from China
  3. How to check if a supplier is a trading company or a manufacturer
  4. What are the options available to recover money if someone has been cheated
  5. How effective is it to sign contracts with suppliers to prevent IP infringement / design copying
  6. How particular are Chinese companies about following contracts 
  7. What is the process of filing a trademark in China 
  8. Is it worth filing a lawsuit if a supplier / agent has cheated a buyer or in cases of IP infringement
  9. How much does it cost to file a lawsuit in China 
  10. How to contact Sophie

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