Essential Logistics and Shipping Info for Amazon FBA Sellers

In this episode, Refael Elbaz, CEO of Unicargo, goes over logistics and shipping basics for Amazon FBA sellers. 

He explains in clear terms essential information every Amazon seller should be familiar with when it comes to logistics. He talks about the shipping process to FBA, the different ways of calculating weight, incoterms, mistakes to avoid, the impact of tariffs, and much more. 

This episode is a must-listen if you are new to Amazon FBA.

Rafael Albaz-the asian seller

Episode highlights

  • About Refael. How and when Unicargo started focusing on eCommerce shipments.
  • The process of shipping once an Amazon FBA seller has confirmed an order with a supplier. 
  • Impact of US tariffs - 10% to 20% of their clients are shifting to alternative markets. 
  • Dimensions - difference between volumetric weight and dimensional weight, and how this affects shipping costs and methods.
  • Incoterms - Most commonly used incoterms for Amazon sellers and when should they use which.
  • Common mistakes Amazon FBA sellers make with regards to shipping: 
    • Sellers amending their importing invoices
    • Asking the supplier for import requirements 
    • Amazon shipping plan manipulation 
    • Sellers going for the cheapest shipping price instead of what meets their business needs
    • Asking your supplier to manage your logistics especially as you scale
  • Unicargo’s consolidation services for Amazon FBA 

How to get a quote from Unicargo 

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