China Sourcing Arbitrage for eCommerce: Testing Products in Small Batches

In this episode, Baptiste Porzier, an Amazon seller from France and based in China talks about China sourcing arbitrage.

He shares his experience buying products from local Chinese wholesale website 1688 and markets such as Kunming and Yiwu.

Baptiste Porzier-the asian seller

Episode highlights

  • What is China sourcing arbitrage
  • Benefits of sourcing arbitrage
  • How it is different from sourcing online on B2B marketplaces such as Global Sources or at trade shows such as Canton Fair
  • Product quality and safety issues when buying from these sources
  • Types of products and suppliers you can find in wholesale markets
  • Kunming wholesale market, and how it is different from Yiwu
  • Finding manufacturers of products on 1688
  • How to source from 1688 if you don’t know Chinese
  • How to manage shipping when buying from 1688
  • Baptiste’s tips on product selection
  • One piece of advice to someone who’s just starting out with eCommerce - Don’t get discouraged and don’t give up!

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