Fast and Easy eCommerce Split Testing with PickFu

On this episode, Justin Chen, Co-Founder of PickFu gives a rundown of their popular crowdsourcing split-testing app. 

PickFu is a simple and fast way to receive consumer feedback.

To set up a test, you write a question, provide two options, and specify the audience you'd like to respond. PickFu brings you 50 or more respondents in as little as 10 minutes. You can target an audience by gender, ethnicity, income, mobile device, political preference, and more.

Justin Chen - the asian seller

Once your survey is complete, you'll receive a vote tally which tells you which option your audience preferred. In addition, each respondent will explain his or answer, so you'll know why. 

You'll see a demographic breakdown of your respondents, and get a full understanding of who answered. And with this insightful, real-world feedback, you'll know how to improve your idea.

E-commerce sellers can PIckFu to decide on product variations before ordering and improve CTRs by optimizing product listing images and descriptions.

Episode highlights: 

  • Intro and background
  • How and when PickFu came about
  • How does PickFu work, and who are the people doing surveys
  • How accurate are survey results 
  • What can be tested using PickFu
  • How can a product idea be validated
  • Strategies and best practices for testing images, titles, descriptions, videos 
  • Audience targeting on Pickfu - behavioral segmentation, psychographic segmentation 
  • Best practices for audience segmentation 
  • Pricing of PickFu

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