Triple Optimized Amazon Listing Methodology

Danny Carlson, founder of Kenji ROI shares the strategy he uses to optimize Amazon listings to improve clickthrough rates and sales. 

Danny is an Amazon FBA entrepreneur specializing in PPC management & listing optimization. He founded the Amazon seller agency Kenji ROI in 2016.

Kenji ROI offers Amazon sellers with product photography, video, copywriting, Amazon SEO, and Amazon PPC management services, and has produced 1355+ Amazon product listings.

Residing in Bali, Danny’s off time is spent training hand to hand acrobatics, ripping sport motorcycles, and speaking at business events. 

Kenji ROI - the asian seller

Episode highlights: 

  • Intro and background
  • Keyword optimization - How to show Amazon’s A10 ranking algorithm your product is the most relevant item for specific search phrases 
  • Subject matter fields 
  • Title structure 
  • Key info communication - Identifying the key information shoppers are scanning for, then prioritizing and placing it in strategic areas to maximize clickthrough and conversion rates
  • Persuasive desire optimization - Using sales psychology to portray your product as the bridge from your customer’s undesirable current situation to an improved future situation 
  • Best practices for image stack 
  • Are Photoshopped images acceptable 
  • How to optimize images for mobile 
  • Best practices for A+ content 
  • How to optimize bullet points 

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