How to Build Self-Confidence as a Woman Entrepreneur

This is a replay of a live webinar with Michele Venton, Cara Sayer, Sylv Stefanowicz, Sharon Evan and Amy Wees.

We talk about what self-confidence means to the panelists, and how confidence can be developed if you don’t have it to begin with. 

The panelists share their own experiences dealing with imposter syndrome, lack of confidence and how they overcame such issues. 

Michele Venton, Cara Sayer, Sylv Stefanowicz, Sharon Evan, Amy Wees. Meghla Bhardwaj - The Asian Seller

Episode highlights:

  1. What does self-confidence mean to women 
  2. Were you always a confident person, or did you have to build it?
  3. Have you experienced “imposter syndrome?”
  4. Studies have proven there is a confidence gap in men and women, that women are often less self-confident than men. Have you found yourself in situations where you may have underestimated your abilities?
  5. Tips and strategies to instil self-belief and self-confidence.

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