How to get Amazon Reviews

If you’re new to selling on Amazon, you’re probably struggling to get the first few reviews for your listing. In this podcast episode, Colleen Quattlebaum from eComEngine shares some ways to get reviews. 

She talks about Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program, the new Request a Review button and other effectives ways of encouraging buyers to leave reviews. 

eComEngine offers a range of tools to help Amazon sellers automate their businesses, including feedback management, inventory management, product research and other processes. 

Colleen Quattlebaum - The Asian Seller

Episode highlights: 

  • Colleen’s background
  • How eComEngine helps sellers
  • How are reviews affected in the current environment (COVID-19)
  • How do reviews help ranking, and how many do you need
  • How low-star reviews affect ranking
  • How effective is the Early Reviewer Program in getting reviews
  • What are some white hat/compliant and effective ways to get reviews
  • What is Amazon’s Request a Review button
  • Percentage of buyers that leave reviews 
  • eComEngine has a new feature in FeedbackFive that automates the Request a Review button
  • When is the best time to ask for a review 
  • More tips for sellers to get more reviews 
  • Special offer for podcast listeners

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