How to Optimize your Amazon Business in Uncertain Times

This is a replay of a Live Webinar with Dan Ashburn & Lyden Smithers.

Dan Ashburn, Lyden Smithers and Athena Severi from Titan Network and China Magic join us on this live Podcast.
They discuss a range of strategies Amazon sellers can implement to optimize and fortify their businesses during the current uncertain environment.

Dan Ashburn, Lyden Smithers, Athena Severi - The Asian Seller

Episode Highlights

  • Impact of coronavirus on Dan and Lyden's businesses
  •  How are they approaching product research
  •  How are consumers searching differently
  • Sourcing a product to sell in the current situation
  •  Listing optimization best practices 
  •  FBA vs FBM
  • Should sellers launch new products in the current market
  • About Titan Network and China Magic
  • Tips from Dan & Lyden
  • Re-negotiating with suppliers

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