How to Source from India for Amazon FBA

With the uncertainty around the ongoing US-China trade war, many Amazon sellers are looking to source their products from alternative markets, and India is one of the key contenders. 

But there isn't a lot of information available online on how to import from India, what products to source, how to search for suppliers. 

In this episode, Meghla Bhardwaj, Founder of India Sourcing Trip and The Asian Seller gives an overview of how sourcing works in India. 

Listen or watch the episode below

sourcing from india - the asian seller

Episode highlights

  • What are the advantages of importing private label products from India
  • How sourcing from India is different from importing from China
  • Which products are produced competitively 
  • Tips for effective sourcing including whether or not to negotiate, and cultural sensitivities to be aware of
  • How to find suppliers including online and at trade shows 
  • About India Sourcing Trip

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