How to Work with Amazon Virtual Assistants (and how not to)

On this episode of The Asian Seller podcast, Steven Selikoff from The Product Development Academy shares best practices when working with Virtual Assistants for your Amazon / eCommerce business, 

Margaret Jolly and Kevin Oldham also join the conversation. 

While VAs can help make your business more efficient, their services should be utilized to assist you with specific tasks. Many sellers make the mistake of depending on VAs for product research and business strategy.

Steven Selikoff - the asian seller

Episode highlights: 

  • Introduction
  • Why a VA?   
  • What tasks do you think are suitable to outsource to a VA? 
  • What tasks would you never give to a VA? 
  • At what stage of your Amazon business should people look at using a VA 
  • Can my business sustain their services without giving away too much profit? 
  • Before you outsource do you feel that you need to know how to do it yourself to delegate correctly 
  • How do you track their hours and check out their work quickly (otherwise you may as well do it all yourself)?

Contact Steven:

Email: steven@productdevelopmentacademy.com  

Website: www.productdevelopmentacademy.com 

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