Introducing the “Up Work of Sourcing”

The Buy Hive is a new and unique service that allows importers worldwide to hire a “sourcing bee” or a freelance merchandiser / buyer to attend trade shows in Asia on their behalf. 

In this episode of The Asian Seller podcast, Minesh Pore, Co-Founder of The Buy Hive talks about how the app will help Amazon and eCommerce sellers (and other types of importers) who are unable or unwilling to travel to Asia to join a trade show. 

Minesh Pore - the asian seller

You can think of The Buy Hive as the “Up Work of sourcing and trade shows” that will match buyers to the right sourcing freelancers based on their requirements. 

For a fee of US$399 per day, you can get information from up to 20 exhibitors and 150-160 products. The service will especially be useful in situations such as the current COVID-19 epidemic because of which importers don’t want to travel to Asia.

Episode highlights: 

  • Minesh’s background
  • Ongoing changes in the sourcing industry - Amazon sellers are growing and big box retailers are shrinking 
  • What is The Buy Hive, and how it helps buyers
  • Why is there a need for such a service 
  • Types of buyers is the service best for 
  • How freelance buyers are recruited
  • Payments and ratings on the platform
  • Guidelines buyers need to give freelancers
  • What happens if the buyer is not satisfied with the product info they get
  • How much does it cost
  • Can one freelancer work for multiple buyers on the same day 
  • Trade shows available now on the app

About Minesh

Before founding The Buy Hive, Minesh was the Director of International Business at Global Sources and Head of Startup Launchpad. He is a highly regarded global trade expert with more than 20 years’ experience in leading multinational organizations in innovation, corporate transformation, business development, and strategic planning. 

He has worked for multinational companies like Tata Group, Intertek and Pico, and lived and worked in multiple international locations such as Mumbai, Taipei, Shanghai, New York, London and Hong Kong.

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