How to Run a Profitable Shopify Store

In this episode of The Asian Seller podcast, hear from Shopify seller Thomas Bertrand who sells bento boxes on his ecommerce store. 

An alumni of Kyoto University, Thomas has been in Japan since 2003. 

In 2005, he started a blog that became a huge hit, and gave him the idea to start Bento&co, an online store focused on selling a variety of bento boxes.

Thomas Bertrand - the asian seller

Today, Thomas has an online and offline store specializing in all types of boxes that he mostly sources from within Japan. 

With 10 years of ecommerce experience, Thomas has a deep understanding of ecommerce sellers’ needs. 

He recently started Ship&co, a SAAS and API to digitize the shipping process.

Episode highlights: 

  • Intro and background
  • About Bento&co, the products and how they’re unique 
  • Why did Thomas decide to start a Shopify store 
  • How do they drive traffic to their website 
  • How do they build an audience and community 
  • How do they manage order fulfilment
  • Best practices of running a Shopify store 
  • What are some mistakes Thomas made along the way
  • Why they don’t sell on Amazon 
  • What kinds of categories do well on Shopify 
  • Advice for new Shopify sellers - how many products should someone start 
  • What is Ship&Co, and how does it help sellers

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