Keys to Success from Singapore’s Top Amazon Seller

In this episode, top Amazon seller from Singapore, Jason Tay shares his story about how he started selling on Amazon and built a 6-figure business. He also gives wide-ranging advice for new sellers just starting their eCommerce journey. 

Jason is the first ever Singapore seller to be featured on Amazon’s Seller Success Story series, and is regularly invited by Amazon and other institutions to talk about eCommerce.

Listen or watch the episode below.

Jason Tay- the asian seller

Episode highlights

  • Jason’s background and how he started with eCommerce 
  • How he started with his flagship brand 
  • Common mistakes people make when they start selling on Amazon
  • What does it take to succeed in eCommerce
  • What sort of investment is required to start an eCommerce business 
  • Jason’s advice for product selection 
  • Why people should develop their own private label brands 
  • Why some drop shipping methods may be considered illegitimate by Amazon and eBay
  • Should you start with selling with Amazon or sell on your own website too
  • What does it take to create and rank your own eCommerce website 
  • Best ways to source products from China 
  • Why you should not limit your sourcing to China 
  • Jason’s experience sourcing from India and the challenges he had with shipping 
  • What’s next for Jason’s eCommerce business 

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