ROI and Other Metrics to Track for your Amazon Business

In this podcast episode, Per-Ola Röst, an experienced Amazon seller, and founder of SellerMetrix talks about the importance of ROI, and how much ROI you should be looking for when starting an Amazon business.

Per-Ola and his wife started selling on Amazon in 2015, and have recently launched SellerMetrix, a tool that helps Amazon sellers Instantly see their Amazon sales and profit in their personal dashboard. Sellers can see their financial metrics like sales, profit, PPC spend, Amazon fees, ROI, refunds and other key numbers.

Per Ola, - The Asian Seller

The tool is free for beginners who have fewer than 100 orders per month and costs US$15 for 101 to 2.500 orders and so on. 

Episode highlights: 

  1. Per-Ola’s background
  2. Impact of coronavirus on e-commerce 
  3. Why is ROI important? 
  4. What is ideal ROI
  5. Other metrics sellers should track  
  6. Important metrics sellers should be paying attention to 
  7. About SellerMetrix 
  8. Special offer for The Asian Seller

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