The Real Costs of Running an Amazon FBA Business

More often than not, new sellers are oblivious to all the costs of running an Amazon FBA or eCommerce business. They launch new products without doing proper research or validation, and are then surprised when they run into losses. 

On this episode, Margaret Jolly, Founder & CEO, Profit Improvement Business Solutions, talks about the various expenses and costs sellers must account for in order to run a profitable eCommerce business. 

margaret jolly - the asian seller

Margaret became a mentor to small businesses after owning and managing several businesses of her own. She is also a successful Amazon seller who has been sourcing products from India for over 2 years. 

She is a Coach on India Sourcing Trip, a guided sourcing, learning and cultural tour for Amazon sellers. 

Whether you are new to Amazon and require guidance listing your first product or a more experienced seller looking for help with listings, optimization, images or other information, Margaret can help. 

Her goal is to guide sellers on their journey and grow their brand that will make an impact on their customers. She teaches sellers how to find products that will sell and craft listings that convert.

Her truthful no-nonsense approach ensures sellers know exactly what the real costs of this business are and how best to manage their Amazon account to maximize profit.

Episode highlights: 

  • Background, intro, and how Margaret helps Amazon sellers
  • Why are many Amazon sellers not aware of the costs of running their business
  • What is the minimum margin sellers should look at to cover all key costs and still be profitable
  • Deep dive into the specific costs: 
    • Set-up costs 
    • Cost of goods 
    • Advertising 
    • Tools & other expenses
  • Effective ways to track expenses
  • How can sellers reduce and optimize costs
  • Margaret’s services

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