Advice for Wannabe eCommerce Sellers from Seasoned Sellers, Marg & Kevin

Margaret Jolly and Kevin Oldham started their Amazon business as a hobby after retiring from running multiple businesses.

They traveled to Canton Fair in China, sourced their first few products from there, and have now been importing private label products from India for a couple of years.

Margaret Jolly, Kevin Oldham - The Asian Seller

Selling on Amazon has become a full-time business now, and they even coach other new sellers, and manage a few Amazon accounts. 

In this episode, they talk about their own journey, and also offer advice for people thinking about venturing into eCommerce

Episode highlights:

  1. How Margaret and Kevin started their eCommerce business  
  2. Do you need a course to start selling on Amazon
  3. What is Private Label
  4. How to source products 
  5. Advantages of sourcing from India 
  6. Outlook for global ecommerce 
  7. What’s next for them 
  8. How Marg and Kevin help new Amazon sellers 

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