The PPC Campaign Blueprint You Need to Launch a Product on Amazon

PPC is perhaps one of the most daunting aspects of selling on Amazon for most new sellers. In this podcast episode, Ritu Java, CEO of PPC Ninja gives a tried and tested blueprint you can follow when launching a new product.

Ritu java - the asian seller

Ritu also talks about her free 6-week PPC Mastermind, where she does weekly live calls with a small group of sellers. You get free access to PPC Ninja during the mastermind period, and a special offer for The Asian Seller community if you want to continue using PPC Ninja (see details of the offer below).

Ritu’s recommended campaign structure when launching a product

  • 2 Auto
  • 4 Manual - Keyword targeting
  • 1 Manual - Category targeting
  • 2 Manual - Product targeting
  • 1 Sponsored Display - Product targeting


Episode highlights

  1. Ritu’s background and how she helps Amazon sellers 
  2. Importance of Amazon PPC
  3. Types of ads on Amazon 
  4. 10 campaigns you should start with when launching a product 
  5. Impact of PPC sales on organic sales 
  6. How to determine your PPC budget 
  7. PPC Ninja’s free PPC Mastermind 
  8. About PPC Ninja software and account management services 

Free 6-week mastermind

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