AMA with Jason & Meghla (March 2022)

On this episode of The Asian Seller, Jason Tay and Meghla Bhardwaj answer sellers questions about Amazon FBA, Ecommerce, Private Label, Sourcing, QC, Logistics and more.

Jason is the first ever Singapore seller to be featured on Amazon’s Seller Success Story series, and is regularly invited by Amazon and other institutions to talk about eCommerce.

Jason Tay- Meghla Bhardwaj -The Asian Seller

Episode Highlights:

  • Is it advisable to order large quantity and send to 3PL or smaller quantity and ship direct to Amazon?
  • What should be the percentage set aside for the first 6 months and subsequent months for PPC Ads?
  • For Prime Exclusive discount, is FBA fees based on original price or discounted price?
  • How should I handle (1) Voice of Customer, (2) Cancelled order, (3) Returns?
  • When we first start out, do you think we should try on our own or use a VA from the start?
  • How to cope with increasing logistics costs?
  • What's the appropriate way to identify product competition and demand in Amazon.sg ,since we're not using Helium10 in Singapore?

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