Amazon Product Photography – Essential Strategies to Increase Conversions

In this episode, Keith O’Brien, CEO of Page.One, a full service Amazon agency shares strategies to increase conversions by enhancing images. 

According to Keith, people buy online based on emotion, and therefore the most important thing for sellers to consider is who exactly their audience is. After they’ve done this, they need to add emotion and story into their images.

Here are 5 key strategies Keith shared among many others: 

  1. Understand who buys the product and why 
  2. How does the product solve their problems
  3. Hero shot or main image should be the best it can be
  4. Tell a visual story using your image stack 
  5. Nail the feature / benefits of the product 
keith o brian - the asian seller

Episode highlights: 

  • Keith’s background and how his company helps Amazon sellers
  • Importance of images and photographs on Amazon listings 
  • Different types of photos on Amazon, and which are the most critical
  • Should sellers DIY their images
  • If they do DIY, what are the minimum requirements
  • About 3D rendered and Photoshopped images
  • Tools for A/B testing images
  • Common mistakes sellers make when it comes to images
  • 5 strategies to increase conversions using photographs and images 
  • Services offered by Page.One

About Page.One: 

Page.One is a full-service agency serving Amazon and e-commerce businesses with listing optimization, product photography, Enhanced Brand Content, PPC management and full brand management.

They have been helping Amazon businesses grow their brands since 2014 and work with businesses of all sizes.

Website: https://www.page.one


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