From Abusive Marriage to 6-Figure Seller, Mentor & Author

Anna Davidson, an Amazon mentor and coach from London opens up to share her story of how she found the courage to get out of an abusive relationship.

Anna also talks about her transition from a successful corporate leader to a digital mumpreuner launching her own online business. She is now a 6-figure seller, an eCommerce mentor and has helped over 2,000 people launch their own businesses. She is also an author, speaker and ambassador of a charity The Buddy Bag Foundation.

PS: If anyone reading this is in an abusive relationship or the victim of domestic violence, know that if Anna could come out of it, you can too! Reach out for help now. 


anna davidson - the asian seller
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Episode highlights: 

  • Anna had a successful corporate career, and then her perspective changed after the birth of her first child
  • She talks about her abusive relationship, and why she has now decided to open up and talk about it. She hopes someone who is in a similar situation might hear her story and find the courage to get out of it
  • It took her three years and a lot of courage to get out of the relationship
  • What was the tipping point that finally made her leave 
  • How Anna stumbled upon Amazon 
  • How she started her coaching program 
  • Why people need ongoing help with their Amazon business 
  • Common mistakes people make when starting their Amazon business 
  • Product research strategies and tips 
  • Differences between the US and European marketplaces 
  • Why Branding is going to be critical on Amazon moving forward 
  • Eco-friendly products will continue to be a key trend in the future 
  • The key is to look for products that haven’t gone sustainable yet 
  • Anna’s plans for the future 

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