Amazon Trends, Social Ecommerce, Crypto & More with Davide Nicolucci

On this week’s The Asian Seller podcast, Davide Nicolucci from Growth Hack Consulting talks about key trends in the Amazon space in 2021 based on a comprehensive article he has published recently. 

We also talk about crypto currency, and why he thinks digital currencies and blockchain are going to be increasingly important with potential e-commerce applications.

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Here are some of the trends he talks about: 

  1. Amazon is upping their game with advertising. There will increasingly be more opportunities for showcasing your products via video and other pay-to-play means 
  2. Being brand registered is extremely important 
  3. Amazon Live is picking up 
  4. Look into influencer marketing on TikTok and other platforms 
  5. Buyer and supplier messaging may become stricter 
  6. Amazon exits will be a huge opportunity as more investors look to buy profitable businesses 
  7. Amazon Singapore is expected to pick up
  8. Amazon India is a growing opportunity 
  9. Facebook Shops is gaining traction
  10. E-commerce with Facebook Live

Read Davide’s article: Amazon Trends and Predictions for 2021 by Industry Experts

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