Unplug from “Donkey Work”; Build an Amazon FBA Dream Team

On this week’s The Asian Seller podcast, Nate Ginsberg from Seller Plex and Dream Team Machine shares a blueprint for an Amazon FBA dream team. 

Nate stresses that entrepreneurs should strive to be the best they can be, have the biggest impact, receive the biggest impact and focus on being the visionaries for their business. And if they continue to “donkey work” or repetitive, low-value tasks, they are limiting themselves and their business. 

Nate Ginsberg- the asian seller

Nate also talks about a “hiring funnel” that he has developed to help him make the hiring process more efficient. 

Nate is an entrepreneur, investor, writer and world traveling yogi. After selling his FBA business in 2017 Nate dedicated himself to helping other entrepreneurs unplug from and scale their business. 

He now supports other FBA entrepreneurs through his agency SellerPlex, his Podcast Ecom Exits, and his Dream Team Machine Training. 

Nate believes in pursuing win/win collaborations with good people. So connect with Nate on Facebook or IG @nateginsburg and say Hi to explore any ways to collaborate or work together.

Episode highlights: 

  • Introduction 
  • Why is it important for founders to unplug from “donkey work” 
  • Why have an org. structure 
  • What does the team look like - there are four buckets to focus on in an FBA business:  
    1. Amazon bucket 
    2. Supply chain: Supplier relationship management / inventory management / logistics 
    3. Finance 
    4. New product development
  • Why it is important to get the right people in place earlier - even when you’re a small business 
  • What is a hiring funnel
  • Relaunch of Nate’s course 

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Dream Team Machine

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