Brunei-Based Farah Zaidi, Spark Ecom Scholarship Winner Strives to Build an Ecom Empire

When she was in school, she painted stones and drew cartoons to sell to her classmates. She sold keychains from her father’s store and her pre-loved toys. 

It was evident she had an entrepreneurial spark in her from the time she was in school. 

When she started working, she started feeling restless in her 9-to-5 and wanted to do something more challenging that would give her freedom of time and creativity. 

Farah Zaidi-The Asian Seller- Podcast

She discovered the business of ecommerce and Amazon, and knew this is what she wanted to do. Despite the limited ecommerce opportunities in her country, she is determined to build an Ecommerce Empire. 

On this week’s The Asian Seller podcast, winner of Spark Ecom Scholarship, Farah Zaidi from Brunei shares her story and her lofty plans for her Amazon business. 

Hear her story, be inspired. 

Watch Farah’s video that she sent as an entry for Spark Ecom Scholarship. 


Spark is a US$2,000 scholarship to help one seller start & scale their Amazon business 🤩 📈 👨‍🏫

The scholarship recipient will receive training from Jason Tay, one of the top Amazon sellers from Singapore, and consultation calls with Margaret, Kevin and Meghla.

The winner will also get 6 months free access to Helium10, access to in-depth PPC and listing optimisation workshops, and more - ALL FREE, all part of the scholarship 🙌 🎓 🎉Spark is awarded by Jasontayonline.com​, The Asian Seller, and India Sourcing Network.

Episode highlights: 

  • Introduction 
  • Farah’s entrepreneurial spirit growing up
  • Her other scholarship 
  • How she felt winning the Spark Ecom Scholarship 
  • How she discovered Amazon
  • What appeals to her the most about selling on Amazon / ecommerce
  • She put in a lot of effort into creating the Spark video. What was her motivation
  • Where is she in her Amazon journey now, and plans for the future

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