Outsourcing for Amazon Sellers: Best Practices & Mistakes

In this episode, we talk about hiring and working with freelancers and agencies. My guest is Kamaljit Singh from AMZ One Step, who shares outsourcing best practices and the mistakes people make when working with freelancers.

Kamaljit came to Canada in 2010 as an international student at Niagara College. After finishing school, he founded AMZ One Step, an agency that helps Amazon sellers launch their products on Amazon. 

They now have a team of 27 employees in Canada and Pakistan to help with Listing Optimization, EBC, Photography and PPC management services.

Kamaljith Singh - the asian seller

Episode highlights: 

  • Introduction 
  • When should Amazon sellers hire freelancers or outsource their tasks
  • Tasks that can / should be outsourced
  • Freelancers vs agencies - pros and cons
  • Criteria to consider when selecting freelancers
  • Recommended platforms to hire freelancers
  • Where to outsource - pros and cons of key locations - Philippines, Pakistan, India 
  • Average rate per hour for freelancers 
  • How to ensure they deliver quality consistently
  • Importance of developing SOPs and defining KPIs
  • Mistakes sellers make when outsourcing, and best practices
  • How AMZ One Step helps Amazon sellers

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