Global Amazon Seller from India Discusses Product Research, Influencers and More

In this podcast episode, Rishi Raj K, an Amazon seller from India shares his experiences selling internationally.

Rish runs a global community of entrepreneurs at Republic of Sellers and offers e-commerce training at Private Label School.

In the interview, he shares the strategies he uses for product research, validation and differentiation. He also talks about how he reaches out to influencers to launch products instead of other launch strategies.

Rishi Raj K, Rishk - The Asian Seller

Episode highlights: 

  • Introduction 
  • Rish’s approach to product research: 
    • Discovery 
    • Evaluation 
    • Differentiation 
  • How to find discover niches to sell in 
  • Categories new sellers should stay away from 
  • How to use influencers to launch products on Amazon 
  • Rish’s take on branding 
  • What kind of investment is needed to start selling on Amazon 
  • Selling on Amazon India vs Amazon US 
  • About Republic of Sellers 
  • Advice for people just starting out on their e-commerce journey

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