Go on a Virtual Tour of Your China Factory

On this week’s The Asian Seller podcast, Habib Rkha Founder and Managing Director of QCADVISOR talks about his company’s unique new service of virtual factory tours in China.

Habib shareds why and how his company offers 360 views of factories in China, and how these can be beneficial to importers when they cannot visit factories in person. 

Habib rkha- the asian seller

Habis is a QC and manufacturing veteran, based in China.

He founded QCADVISOR in Shenzhen in 2018, and they currently serve over 150 clients. They specialize in offering customized QC solutions instead of offering QC services as a commodity.

Episode highlights: 

  • Introduction - About Habib and QCADVISOR 
  • Virtual factory tours
    1. What are they 
    2. How and why did Habib start doing these 
    3. Are they used for factory audits or inspections as well
    4. How many have they done so far
    5. What has been buyers’ feedback about these 
    6. How do they create these 360 videos
  • QC-related advice for someone just starting to source products from China
  • Ways in which suppliers cut corners and compromise quality
  • Habib’s services and how to contact him 

Contact Habib: 

Website: QCADVISOR  

Email: habib@qcadvisor.com

Schedule a 15-minute call: https://calendly.com/habib-qcadvisor/15min

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