How India Seller Priya Built a Community of Raving Fans for her eCommerce Brand

A software engineer by profession, Priya Sivaraj started her eCommerce business after her son was born and she wanted to spend more time with him.

Today, she runs a successful online store selling products in India and the US. She also sells on Amazon and other marketplaces in both countries.

Priya has been able to leverage social media and content marketing to build a community of loyal and raving fans.  

Priya Sivaraj - The Asian Seller

In this podcast, she gives insights into how she has grown the community, and the strategies she uses to keep them engaged and coming back to buy more.

Episode highlights:

  1. About Priya and how she ventured into eCommerce
  2. Why she decided to focus on crafts
  3. Where she sources her products from
  4. How she does market research for her brand 
  5. How she has built a community of raving fans
  6. How she keeps her audiences engaged
  7. Which social media channels does she use and how
  8. How does she recommend people start building a community for their eCommerce brand
  9. Advice for sellers outside of India who want to sell in India
  10. Advice for sellers just starting their eCommerce business

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