How Singapore Seller Debbie Built a Successful Amazon Business Selling Cuticle Nippers

Singapore-based Amazon seller, Debbie Cai has built a profitable Amazon business around a product category not many new sellers would consider selling - cuticle nippers.

Her brand, Rui Smiths is sold on multiple Amazon marketplaces, and she is now expanding to other nail care products. 

But Debbie’s success did not happen overnight. It was a slow journey of careful planning, executing, hits and misses. In fact, she did not take any profits out of the business for the first few years. 

Debbie Cai - The Asian Seller

Debbie is an inspiration to aspiring eCommerce sellers, and her success is proof that eCommerce is a viable and sustainable business - if you treat it like a real business.

Episode highlights:

  1. Introduction and how Debbie ventured into eCommerce
  2. How Debbie started her brand
  3. Is product selection for Amazon an art of a science
  4. What is the “gasp” factor
  5. How to determine if there is demand for products
  6. How Debbie does keyword research
  7. Which countries does she mainly source from
  8. Her experience selling on Amazon Singapore
  9. One piece of advice for people just starting their eCommerce business


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