How to Deal with Amazon’s Inventory Storage Limits

Eddie Levine from Hub Dub Ltd joins Meghla Bhardwaj, Margaret Jolly and Kevin Oldham to talk about Amazon’s new inventory quantity limits, and who they affect the most. 

Eddie shares advice on dealing with the new guidelines. He also breaks down IPI or Inventory Performance Index, and gives some tips on how to improve it. 

Eddie Levine- the asian seller

Episode highlights

  • About Eddie and his background 
  • Overview of the new storage guidelines by Amazon 
  • How are new sellers affected, especially considering new sellers also have space limitations
  • What is IPI and how to improve it
  • Should you switch to FBM
  • If you’re a new seller, should you hold off starting to sell until the dust settles 

Contact Eddie: 

Email: sales@hubdubltd.com 

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