How to Develop a Fashion Brand – Like Only a Bosslady Can

Sylv Stefanowicz from Poland runs a wholesale and retail lingerie business. She started 3 years ago after a successful corporate career in banking.

In this podcast episode, she talks about how she built her business from scratch, sourcing from various countries including China, Sri Lanka and Poland, and the challenges she has faced along the way.

Sylv, the asian seller

She also shares advice for new sellers who want to start a fashion brand.

Episode highlights

  • Sylv’s background 
  • Challenges she faced building a fashion brand
  • Why fashion is known as a high-risk industry
  • How to find suppliers in various markets 
  • Advice for people wanting to go into fashion
  • Should people start with their own brand or selling other brands
  • Comparing manufacturing China vs Sri Lanka/India vs Poland
  • Sylv’s plan for the future

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/sylv_lingerie 

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