How to Persevere Like a Boss – Danny McMillan

“When you hit rock bottom, the only way is up,” says Danny McMillan, host of Seller Sessions. 

In this episode, Danny shares how he persevered in the face of tragedy and adversity, after sadly losing two of his children and almost going bankrupt.

Today, Danny runs one of the e-commerce industry’s top podcasts, and helps and inspires thousands of Amazon sellers everyday. He has recently bought a grand family home “with a view” of beautiful farmland. 

He shares how he was “stripped of everything” but that has made him an optimistic person who always looks on the bright side.

Danny McMillan - the asian seller

Having lost my husband to a heart attack two years ago, I can relate to Danny’s experience and I feel his pain.

Losing a loved one or similar tragedies change our perspective of life. After such hardships we tend to be more humble and have more gratitude.

We also realize that we all have an inner strength within us that helps us move forward when tragedy strikes.

I hope you are inspired by Danny’s resilience, perseverance and his positive outlook. I know I am.

Danny’s inspiring quotes in the episode: 

  • When you hit rock bottom, the only way is up
  • If you make meaning, you’ll make money
  • There’s nothing worse than chasing money and being miserable 
  • If you enjoy what you do, you have the opportunity to excel 
  • You have to find your thing
  • If you can do something that doesn’t feel like a job, you’ve made it 
  • If you haven’t got purpose in life, what do you have
  • If you’re just starting out on Amazon, take baby steps and don’t go all in
  • Find products that are differentiated
  • Money amplifies who you are (from Rich Dad Poor Dad)

About Danny McMillan 

Danny is the host of Seller Sessions, the largest podcast for advanced Amazon sellers. 

A world renowned public speaker and veteran Amazon seller, Danny is also the co-founder of DATAbrill. Working alongside respected algorithm expert Dr. Ellis Whitehead, DATAbrill manages PPC and advertising automation for 6, 7 & 8 figure Amazon brands. 

He also works with Amazon in the UK to provide webinar content for their 3rd party sellers.

How to reach Danny: 

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