Quality Inspection Best Practises with McClain Warren of Movley

On this episode of The Asian Seller podcast, we're talking to McClain Warren of Movley about inspections and quality control when sourcing from China.

McClain Warren is a Colorado-native w/ a Communications and Marketing degree from American University, DC. She started in the Amazon space as a copywriter for listing optimizations and worked her way up the corporate ladder until she was the director of the keyword research and copywriting department of one of the larger Amazon-focused marketing companies

MCclain-Movely-The Asian Seller

She now owns her own marketing and copywriting firm called The Write Buzz and is the Marketing and Content Manager at Movley – a US-based inspections company that provides clients with an entire quality control team for the price of an inspection.

Episode highlights

  • Introduction
  • Who can do inspections and what are the pros and cons of each
  • What kind of tests should you have your inspection team perform
  • What is the difference between a mid-production inspection and a pre-ship inspection
  • How do you choose the right sample sizes
  • Why is it recommended for online sellers to get a level III inspection done on your sample
  • How do bad inspections affect your Amazon listing
  • How do bad inspections impact the valuation of your company

Contact McClain: https://bit.ly/3hA7I1N

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