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Quality Control and Inspections for Amazon FBA

Rahul Chawla, Senior Business Development Manager, QIMA (formerly AsiaInspection) is a veteran when it comes to QC and inspections. You will see him at most eCommerce conferences and meetups in …

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Writing Kickass Listing Copy to Boost Your Amazon Sales

Emma Schermer shares strategies to enhance your Amazon listing to boost sales and conversions. She talks about mistakes people make when it comes to copy, and how to add emotion …

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How Peter Sold his Amazon Business for 6 Figures

What does it take to build an Amazon private label brand from scratch and then sell it for 30 or 40 times the monthly profit? In this episode, Peter Luxenburg, …

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How to Source from India for Amazon FBA

With the uncertainty around the ongoing US-China trade war, many Amazon sellers are looking to source their products from alternative markets, and India is one of the key contenders.  But …

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Patents: What Amazon Sellers Need to Know

In this episode, we talk about everything Amazon sellers need to know about filing patents for their innovative products. Rich Goldstein, Principal Patent Attorney at Goldstein Patent Law explains in …

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Essential Logistics and Shipping Info for Amazon FBA Sellers

Rafael Elbaz

In this episode, Refael Elbaz, CEO of Unicargo, goes over logistics and shipping basics for Amazon FBA sellers.  He explains in clear terms essential information every Amazon seller should be …

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China Sourcing Arbitrage for eCommerce: Testing Products in Small Batches

Baptiste Porzier

In this episode, Baptiste Porzier, an Amazon seller from France and based in China talks about China sourcing arbitrage. He shares his experience buying products from local Chinese wholesale website …

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Keys to Success from Singapore’s Top Amazon Seller

Jason Tay

In this episode, top Amazon seller from Singapore, Jason Tay shares his story about how he started selling on Amazon and built a 6-figure business. He also gives wide-ranging advice …

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Introduction to The Asian Seller podcast

Meghla and Aditya

In this introductory episode, host of The Asian Seller podcast Meghla Bhardwaj talks about what this podcast is about, why you should listen and how you can expect to benefit …

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